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1. Don't Stop Believin' -Journey
2. She Sells Sanctuary -The Cult
3.fade to black -Metallica
4. Rock you Like A Hurricane -Scorpios
5. Here I Go Again -Whitesnake
6. For Whom The Bell Tolls -Metallica
7. Jukebox Hero -Foreigner
8. Panama -Van Halen
9. Home Sweet Home -Motley Crue
10. Dreams -Van Halen
11. Urgent -Foreigner
12. Born in the USA
13. Carrie -Europe
14: Animal -Def Leppard
15. Watch the children pray -Metal Church
16: Open arms -Journey
17: I wanna rock -Twisted Sister
18: Separate ways (worlds apart) -Journey
19: Any way you want it -Journey
20: Hot for teacher -Van Halen
21: Wind of change -Scorpions
22: Poison -Alice Cooper
23: Cult of Personality -Living Colour
24: Magic power -Triumph
25: Burnin' for you -Blue Oyster Cult
26: I'm bad, I'm Nationwide -Deguello
27: We're not gonna take it -Twisted Sister
28: Party all night -Quiet Riot
29: Turn up the radio -Autograph
30: Waiting for a girl like you -Foreigner
31: Who's crying now -Journey

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