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Climb aboard with DJ Vlad and dive into the sexy, bad-ass world of hip-hop lifestyles and rap princesses on Hot in Here, Vol. 2. This program offers unexpected delights for gangsta aficionados and devotees of the urban music scene, including a candid look at FHM's discovery, the sultry and sensual Vida Guerra, during one of her private photo shoots, as well as a rare performance by the Notorious B.I.G. (aka Biggie Smalls), filmed just prior to his tragic death. It also gives viewers a piece of the ongoing feud between Chamillionaire and southern rap godfathers Paul Wall and Mike Jones; the impossibly hip Wood Harris, The Pit Bull, Jackie-O, Nore and Master P also make appearances. The disc closes with Cassidy's final interview just after he unleashed {^I'm a Hustla} on the public and just before he began serving time on accusations of homicide

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